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The Best Sex Story Sites of 2023

Last Updated: 01-12-2022

The Sex Stories Are Gaining Back Their Popularity

Before we’ve had internet porn, before the porn was even a thing, and even before the shooting of the first nude photography, the people had their very first form of adult entertainment in the form or sex stories. Erotica was all we had for a long time, with both men and women enjoying reading about sex. But there were some differences between what the men read and what the women used to read. However, after we’ve got all this porn in so many different mediums, especially the men have forgotten about the existence of erotica. Well, we see that erotica and porn stories become more and more popular these days. That’s because now everyone can tell their story, no matter if it’s a memory of a kink they’ve done or if it’s from their imagination. This popularization of writing porn also became a popularization of reading it. That’s why we created this list of best sex stories websites, where you can find content from all the themes and fantasies possible. Most of the content that we recommend in this collection is actually free and you will get to enjoy it directly in your browser. You won’t need to register or anything. At the same time, these sites will even let you upload your own content on their platforms, for many others to read.

The Erotica Websites for The Ladies

The general feeling is that erotica literature is mostly for women. Well, that’s actually kind of true, and it comes because the ladies enjoy fantasies on a mental level, and they enjoy reading all about the actions leading to the sex and also about the emotions that the whole experience creates. That’s not to mean the ladies don’t enjoy hardcore sex in their stories. They are into things just as dirtier as we are. They love reading about BDSM lifestyles, in which the women are skillfully dominated by men. There are lots of incest fantasies about brothers and sisters or dads and daughters. Even cheating stories and gang bang experiences are to be found on these erotica sites. If you’re a lady who likes to immerse in an erotica story, all you need is one of these sites. You will surely enjoy everything that comes on them. But I’m sure that some of the stores from the sites for ladies are also entertaining for the men. If you want to know what a woman feels when she cheats on her husband or when she is shared in gang bangs, you’ll find some of these reads excellent.

Men Are Into Hardcore Porn Stories

All these sites that we’ve listed in this category are also coming with stories and entire categories for the guys. And they are a bit different. The porn stories for men are a bit shorter, as they don’t focus on character development and too much plot. But they are more graphic, putting a strong accent on all the kinks and dirty things happening between characters. If you want to read about the wildest sex experiences, fantasies that satisfy even the most twisted desires, and even fan made erotica with the hottest chicks from movies, tv shows or even from cartoons and video games, the erotica porn sites are coming with that for you. At the same time, the men categories are filled with real stories of amateur writers who just want to share their craziest experiences with the world. You will find stories of shared wives and cuckold husbands, bisexual stories of men getting sissy trained, and even confessions about family taboo from strangers.

You Can Become A Writer Yourself

Most of the sites that we included in this list of recommendations will let you upload your own stories on their platforms, for everyone to read. No matter if you are a lady or a guy, and no matter if you are writing fiction or nonfiction, you will be able to post your stories on platforms where lots of readers can access them. On top of that, if your story is good, it gets upvotes and comments from the community, which will take it to even more people via the trending sections and sorting options. Write about anything you want, because you will be completely anonymous. However, you will have to create an account on the sites before you post stories. To read stories on these sites you can just be a visitor. But you’ll need registration before uploading your own stories or commenting on other people's stories. All in all, the erotica and hardcore porn literature are getting popular again. Just get on any of these sites and you will surely have a great time.

HyperDreams is the best Sex Story Site of 2023

Hyper Dreams is going to become your new and favorite source for hot free erotic sex stories! They have interactive erotica that can be personalized to fit your own sexual fantasies!

Chatmehard is the #2 Sex Story Site of 2023

Brand New Addition! Complete review will follow shortly.

J-Bays is the #3 Sex Story Site of 2023

Brand New Addition! Complete review will follow shortly.
Brand New Addition! Complete review will follow shortly.
Brand New Addition! Complete review will follow shortly.
Brand New Addition! Complete review will follow shortly.